Software Solutions

Software Solutions

There are many accounting systems available in the markets which are developed by software developers only. The ERP solutions developed by us for various clients are distinguishable as these are a result of team work of Certified Developers and Chartered Accountants. This team is capable of providing real time solutions for financial models and develops the system, which addresses the specific requirements of the client.We deal in specified and client requirement based integrated software modules which are capable of being used as stand alone or online integrated functions either on LAN WAN or ISDN. We right now offer the following different modules for various sectors.

• Integrated General Ledger

• Inventory Management Module

• Supply Chain Management Module

• Local & Import Purchase Module

• Production Module

• Costing & Budgeting Module

• HR, Payroll & Advances Module

• Receivable & Payable Modules

• Fixed Assets Module

• Toll Manufacturing Control Module

• MIS & Documentation System

• MIS School Management Module.

IR Financial Pro

System Requirments

•System 3.0 GHZ or Above

•RAM 1 GB or Above

•Windows Window XP except(Vista Or Windows 7)

•Internet Speed 1 MB or Above (Speed Will Be Base On Connection)

•Adobe Acrobat Any Version Or Download Here

•java initializer version 1.3.17 or Download Here Demo


• Spinning Industry

• Weaving Industry

• Knitting & Stitching Industry

• Engineering Concerns

• Pharmaceuticals Industry

• Sugar Industry Modules

• Dairy System Model

• Education Sector

• Non Profit Organizations

• Foods & Allied

• Hospitals

• Construction/Real Estate

• General Merchandisers

• Miscellaneous